• HTML and CSS are standardized - But Browsers are not

    You cannot afford to ignore browser compatibility issues.

    • Basics

      Learn which best practices you can follow to minimize cross-browser and cross-device compatibility issues.

    • Modern

      Even if you need to maintain compatibility with older browsers you can use modern technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3.

    • Testing

      A good cross-browser testing solution can greatly reduce your time spent testing. Learn what the best available solutions are.

  • Basics

    Learn what basic steps you can take to minimize your cross-browser compatibility problems.

    • Why you should care about cross-browser compatibility
    • How browsers are designed and developed
    • How to use a proper DOCTYPE
    • How to handle Internet Explorers compatibility modes
    • How to override the default browser styling
  • Modern

    Learn how to use HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript while maintaining browser compatibility.

    • What HTML 5 and CSS 3 features are available
    • How is the current browser and mobile device support
    • How to get these new features working in older browsers
    • Why and which JavaScript framework you can use
    • All about JavaScript quirks and bugs
  • Testing

    Use the best tools you can get to cross-browser and cross-device test your websites.

    • Why use cross-browser testing solutions
    • What testing solutions are available today
    • A rundown of desktop and web testing solutions
    • How to test for mobile devices and tablets

About The Author

Daniel Herken has been a contract software developer in Germany for the past years, specializing in cross-browser and cross-device web development. His company, BrowseEmAll, has created a cross-browser testing tool to help his fellow developers test websites. In this book he describes his knowledge gained by hundreds of hours searching and fixing cross-browser compatibility problems.

He currently lives in Munich and loves to chat about browsers, mobile devices and web development.

Send him a quick mail if you like: dherken@browseemall.com